DIY Friday - Lavender

Lavender not only smells wonderful, it also is very beautiful. Here is a collection of easy and fun ideas to add a touch of lavender to your world. Even if you don't like lavender, most of these ideas would work great with a variety of herbs and flowers.

Lavender Bath Salts
Lavender Sachets
Lavender Heating Pad
Lavender Extract
Lavender Garland

How do you like to use lavender?

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  1. I had little sprig of lavendar on all our tables at our wedding 11 years ago. I remember sitting up late at night tying them into bundles. The scent will always remind me of that niight.

  2. I love the candle holder wrapped in Lavender. I'm sure when it's lit the fragance fills the room. Thanks for sharing!

    Lori In Atlanta

  3. It is such a pretty flower with a lovely fragrance. I tried to grow it here in south Florida but it didn't do well. Not sure if it was the heat or the sandy soil ?

    This reminds me; I need to place an order with Norfolk Lavender for another bottle of their wonderful lavender cologne.

  4. Love lavender! I do regret never getting up to the Sequim area of Washington State for the annual Lavender Festival, and now I am back on the east coast. Great blog!

  5. I have some lavender sachets and they smell wonderful! I love the garland idea!

  6. You know I used to hate lavender, all of the artificial, perfumy scents that you typically find in products. Then I discovered genuine lavender and fell in love. :) I use it in my bath salts, one of my air fresheners and it's great to use as a mist to disinfect motel/hotel rooms. :)

  7. I agree, lavender is absolutely gorgeous! The shade of purple is just fabulous. :) And I adore that first idea, with the lavender surrounding the candle. So lovely!

  8. I have a lavender spray for my pillows and I just love it!

    Cute blog, looking forward to reading more! I came across your blog on the Etsy blog team.

    I'm your newest follower!


    my blog: http://allpatchedupquilts.blogspot.com/

    my Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AllPatchedUpQuilts

  9. So many ideas! My boyfriend has lavendar in his yard that grows like crazy. This year we will have to try some of these things. I love the look of the lavendar wrapped around the candle jar!


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