DIY Friday - Denim

A couple of years ago I cut up a couple pair of old jeans and made my daughter a denim book bag. She loved that bag and carried it for the entire school year and to lots of sleepovers.

Denim is a fantastic material to recycle/upcycle, it durable and comes in lots of colors. I found some great project you can create using denim. Recycle your old jeans and give them a new life.

Denim art
Do it all bins
Denim coasters
Denim flower necklace
Pocket pillow
Bulletin board and pencil holder

What is your favorite way to recycle/upcycle old jeans?

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  1. Great project ideas! I've got a pair of split jeans sitting in my fabric box just waiting for the perfect projet. Eyeing those coasters!

  2. I've used them to back projects made with felted wool sweaters from the thrift store. They also come in handy for a Flat Stanley. ;)

  3. That art piece is very cool! I love how durable denim is...perfect for those bins!

  4. Those bins are adorable!! For whatever reason the knees of my jeans always wear through long before I'm ready to get rid of them! Perhaps I'll make a set of coasters out of the next pair... ;)

  5. I loooooooove the Denim flower necklace - very modern.

  6. I think denim is great to use and so easy to find. Who doesn't have at least one pair of jeans lying in the closet :)

  7. Awesome items. The coasters are so cool. If I had more time one my hands I would to play with old denim. Instead I end up donating my old jeans to the Salvation Army which is a feel good thing too.