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Several years ago, I had to get some nice black shoes for my college choir concerts. They've always been super adorable, but since I've been wearing them more often lately, there's been a bit of wear and tear.

The other day, parts of the black started coming off, and we can't have that. After a bit of thought, and taking mental stock of my materials on hand, I figured out a plan.

They look good as new! My boyfriend said he wouldn't have been able to tell that the shoes didn't come like this in the first place.

What you need:

- Old shoes
- Ribbon
- Thread, needle
- Fabric scraps in corresponding colors

Here's what to do:

1 Clear the shoe of all the bits coming off.

2 Take one end of the ribbon and sew it to the shoe as close to the bottom rubber as you can. I started on the outside of the shoe.

3 Wrap it over to the other side of the shoe, making sure to cover up the icky bits, fold the end over, and sew it as well.

4 Admire your awesome handiwork

5Decorate! I did my best approximation of a flower that 5 Letter Design makes, and I'm pretty proud of it.

Do you have any shoes that need a little TLC? 
How would you redo them?

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  1. What a neat idea, and the shoes look super cute! Great job! :D

  2. I love them, what a great idea!! I think they're even cuter than the originals! ;)

  3. I am in a wedding this May and want my shoes to match my dress, but don't want to spend the extra money to die shoes a color I won't ever wear again. I am doing this for the wedding! I'm going to use my silver shoes and add a pool blue flower. Thank you so much for the idea - this just saved me a lot of time.

  4. I promise to never throw away an old pair of shoes again!

  5. Your shoe redo looks great, what a transformation, and the flower turned out really well. TFS!

  6. What a super cute idea! These look good as new :)

  7. Wonderful ! They look so pretty !
    What a clever recycling idea, it's always such a shame to throw out a favorite pair of shoes.


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