Be Inspired - Lines

Words to Inspire

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” 
 Bo Bennett

Idea to Inspire

A line is the recorded movement of a dot on its journey from one point to another. Create a pieces of art just using lines and see what you come up with today.

Photos to Inspire

Lines make a strong statement. These photos from Flickr show just how much impact the simple line can can have.

  Pastel Lines
Pastel Lines by Non Paratus

Abstract Lines
Abstract Lines by Harri_1970

Lines by ycon801

Lines by D.LOS

Strong lines
Strong lines by coollessons2004
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  1. Love the quote :) And the photos are amazing!

  2. Love the quote and my favorite image is of the train tracks. ;-)

  3. Beautiful photos Valerie!

  4. Great quote Valerie, but I think creativity plays a much bigger role than a pinch. ;) I love that second photo, reminds me of spring growth... :)

  5. Great quote and amazing photos. The angle of the train track photo is great. The lines on the other ones are so pleasing to the eye. Very nice!

  6. Wow, what awesome photos!! #4 actually makes you kind of dizzy and bug-eyed, haha... :) Great finds!!


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