Inspiring Gift Wrap - Week 1

Every year my daughter and I make the wrapping paper we use for all the gifts.

One year we stamped leaves with silver and gold ink on brown paper, it was very elegant and we had a lot of fun. Another year we used white paper and splattered paint on it, we even used newspaper and added a watercolor wash.

All these ideas were easy and fun. I have been researching ideas for this year and come across lots of good ideas. So over the next 3 weeks I will share with you some of the cool ideas I have found so you can create your own DIY gift wrap.

This is one of my favorites, the color is amazing. I have an old road atlas, I may be doing this on some of our packages this year.

I love the idea of putting pictures of the recipient on the packages. You could use brown paper or even newspaper and add black and white photos.

Anytime I can use paint chips I'm in. I love how simple this is, yet it makes a unique package.

Check back next week for three more inspiring ideas.

What's your favorite way to package your gifts for the holiday?

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  1. I had seen the maps before, but the pictures on the packages are great!

    Thanks for sharing!

    I actually wrapped some Christmas packages yesterday.


  2. How fun! Putting photos on gifts for a large family gathering is such a great idea!!! ~Val

  3. Love the maps and the paint chips!! There is something about brown packaging with a simple embellishment....always looks so classy to me.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Love the idea of putting pictures on the boxes.

    I make origami boxes and use it for small items. This year I bought templates to make some pillowcase boxes and will be embellishing them with beads and buttons!

  5. Thanks for the ideas! I've already purchased the brown craft paper and ribbon, but I love the idea of the photos and may just have to incorporte that into the packaging! Next year, I think my son and I will have a fun project of creating our holiday wrapping paper!

  6. Wow, these are beautiful! I can't tell you which one is my favorite;)

  7. Love!! Such great ideas. I love gift wrap that is unique.

  8. These are three great ideas, the paint chips could be reused as a garland, or have a message on them, or plain- it all looks good and personalized.

  9. Ooh, I love all the ideas!! The photo one would be a lot of fun, and the map one is absolutely fabulous. :) The ones you and your daughter have made sound fantastic, too! All of it is very unique, love it. :)

  10. Wonderful! This is so creative!
    Feel free to participate in my Christmas Campaign!

  11. Oh, yes, really inspiring! I love what I recently saw - wrapping a gift in a gift, it looks crazy!


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