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$2 Wreath

A couple years ago I was a bit strapped for cash but wanted to decorate my apartment, so I wandered into the dollar store.

The dollar store is spectacular for decorations, because there are so many! I spent at least $20 and decorated my whole house. I've kept a lot of it, and now I want to show you my $2 wreath (since it's decorating time).

What you need:

- Garland
- Ribbon
- Wire hanger (and something to cut it with)
- O-ring
- Thread

Here's what you do:

1. Take the hanger, undo the hook, and make the most circle-y circle you can. It takes some patience, but I believe in you! For a bigger wreath, use multiple hangers

2. Wrap the garland around the wire circle. Remember to keep a finger on where you started.

3. When the whole string of garland is wrapped and your 2 ends are together, take the thread and tie the ends to the wire, leaving long-ish tails on the thread.

4. Take those tails and tie the O-ring to the wreath. Make sure to leave a little extra space between the wreath and the ring so when you hang it, the bottom of the wreath doesn't stick out from the wall (I learned this the hard way)

5. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath (making sure to cover up where the ends meet, but not covering the O-ring) and finish the ends off however your heart desires. I tied mine in a bow.

6. Hang on the wall for instant, cheap holiday cheer!

What deceptively cheap ways do you decorate?

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  1. Creative, inexpensive idea! The wreath looks great!

  2. I love the Dollar Store and the Dollar Tree. A source for many things that I make for church activities and gifts!


  3. Cute wreath! I used to love the Dollar Store as a kid - for my birthday gift, my grampa would take me shopping there. ;) You can get so much, and so cheap! ;)

  4. I always forget that it has so much stuff! Every time I'm there I think "I should shop here more often - it would save a lot of money" but I forget.

  5. That is so cute and so simple - I love it! I've looked at a few DIY wreaths and they were way to complicated. No way I could tackle it. This is doable and so easy to customize. I am on it!


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