What's Your Holiday Marketing Strategy?

Tis the season for holiday sales. Marketing is a top priority for getting sales online. Online and offline marketing are essential for a successful season.

I have been doing more marketing on Facebook and Twitter, and I started an advertising campaign on Project Wonderful and a few blogs.

Offline I plan on doing a mailing to my friends and family about the shows I am doing this season, and a reminder about shopping in my shop online.

What are some of your marketing strategy's this holiday season?

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  1. This is the first holiday season that I've been doing paid ads on blogs. So far, so good, we'll see!

  2. I never done paid advertisement yet and considering it maybe this year, but I am not sure how effective it will be.
    I have been renewing a lot on Etsy and that helped a bit and I am thinking about having a holiday free shipping.

  3. I got a voucher for a free FB ad when I got my own website, so will try that for the first time. Plus trying a free gift with purchase this weekend, but so far no sales at all for that! Sometimes it is hit or miss, but you gotta keep swinging.

  4. Sounds like a good plan - I hope you get tons of sales this holiday season! :D


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