Small Business Saturday

Shop Local and Online Today! 
Support your local shops and small businesses (online businesses too) for lots of unique and original items this holiday season.

Better yet make this year the year you shop handmade from a local artist, in your local shops, or through small businesses.

Have fun shopping!

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  1. Love handmade!! Whether it's something I can make or something from someone else...there's something special about giving or receiving a handmade gift!!

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm finally getting back to reading and catching up on blogs today! :-)

  2. I've been seeing TV commercials for Small Business Saturday lately...such a great idea! :) I hope you get tons of sales, Valerie! <3

  3. Yay for small biz Saturday! And another yay for supporting handmade!!! =)


  4. Yes! I am with you!

    I would rather go with a gift handmade by me or by a local artist that I know has put a piece of their soul...


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