Recycled Display

I have a show in a couple of weeks in a hotel and I won't be able to bring my tables that I can adjust to different heights. I was really bummed about this, because a higher table is better for viewing jewelry.

My daughter broke her bed a year or so ago, so we had saved the wood slat that were used to support the mattress. I didn't know what we could do with them at the time, but I made my husband save them anyway.

Knowing I'm going to need to add height to my table, my sister suggested I use that wood to create some risers.  I did, and was able to recycle some leftover wood in our garage at the same time.

Left over slats
With my husbands help we cut them different lengths

Used wood glue to adhere them together creating different heights
Here's how they turned out
We cut some sheet plywood (we had in the garage) and used that to top off the risers. They will be attached with velcro so everything can be removed easily to pack in a bin.  Just some sanding left to do and they will be ready to go.

I will take some pictures after we get everything set up at the show, and share them with you in December.

What have you recycled into a display lately?

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  1. Very cool idea! I like the varying heights...looking forward to seeing your finished display.

  2. very nice! I recycle lots of things into my table displays, old books, suitcases, vintage jewelry boxes, photo screens, it's the rule for me!

  3. I wish I were a little better with woodwork. I paid someone on Etsy to do some displays for me. They did upcycled work. I love them! I still use the displays in my studio for holding supplies.

  4. Oh, how very very wonderful. Great job! I wish you success and I am looking forward to photos from the event itself. It is so exciting to be able to take a sneak-peek behind the scenes :)

  5. Wow, that's great! I'm currently struggling with how to arrange stuff and give the table some variety in terms of tiers. This is a great idea!

  6. I love it! I'm going to send a link your way from my blog, afterall, this type of thing is what my blog is about. http:thevicagirl.blogspot.com

  7. Yay - creative recycling! I'm glad you were able to find a use for the slats - AND figure out a solution for your table 'problem' at the same time! Go Valerie! :)

  8. They look wonderful and you up-cycled, too! Very cool.

  9. Great idea. I've used old recipe boxes, spice racks, and baskets.


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