Motivation Monday

Keeping motivated can be as easy as changing up your routine.

During the summer I spend more time going out, working on projects, and working outside. There are many days during the summer when I just don't want to work at all, so I try to find other things to inspire me.

This is a tip to use all year around - change up your routine often.

I try to go out at least one day a week and work in a new environment such as the library, bookstore, or coffee shop. Some days I even work in different rooms of my house. Occasionally  I work on my creative projects first and do my office work later in the day.

These simple changes give me the boost of motivation I need keep coming up with new ideas.

How do you change up your routine to stay motivated?

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  1. Sometimes I take a little "time out". Go read a magazine, watch a little tv, maybe even close my eyes for 20 minutes...somehow that little break, keeps me going for the rest of the day! :-)

  2. I agree, its necessary to change up your routine, I try to go to the library. Or find a place that I've never visited for new inspiration. :)
    Happy Monday!

    <3 Kelly

  3. Definitely needed some motivation today - Thank you so much!

  4. I'm overhauling my routine in a huge way starting next week! I have always been terrible at sticking to a routine, so I just do whatever I feel like, when I feel like. Most days I start off with a list, and do them in whatever order jives with my mood.

  5. Going outside definitely helps to break up my routine! I also try to learn new techniques every so often :)

  6. You are so right! Changing the environment works magic for the creative mind. Sometimes when I get stuck I lie down in the most weirdest of places in the house, just to challenge myself to get a new perspective.

    I also often take my stuff out to the beach, where all creative ideas await me.

  7. I think jet lag has finally kicked in, so motivation is very hard to find just at the moment. So I decided I must need to take a break from creating and will go out in the garden to clean up a little after some big storms. That should do the trick. x Julie

  8. That's an interesting idea, to change your work environment... usually I work in the same place. LOL My desk is so comfortable for typing at! ;)


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