Journal Prompt - Make Lists

You want to journal. You grab a cup of tea and your favorite journal, you find a quite spot to relax. You settle in to start writing and you just don't know where to start.

This can happen from time to time.  

Instead of just writing, create lists.

I write lists every night, about my business, books I want to read, my to do list, people I need to contact, even personal lists for me and my family. It has changed my journal process and now I enjoy keeping a journal.

Starting a list journal is simple, here are a few prompts to get you started: 
- what you did that day 
- ideas of things you want to do 
- places you want to visit 
- people you want or need to see 
- your favorite music 
- books you want to read  

You can get more personal and make lists of how you are feeling, what makes you mad or happy, things that make you feel good, as well as lists for your family. 

All your lists will be personal to you, and a great way to clear your mind.  This is a perfect way to get all the information our of your head and down on paper, with out the hassle of all the filler words. Adding pictures and doodles can personalize your lists and make them more fun.

Once your lists are complete you can review them anytime for ideas, or personal fulfillment.  

Feeling in a slump pull out your list of all the things that make you happy and try an idea that will make you smile.

Want more ideas for making lists check out author Lisa Nola for her variety of book on making lists. 

What kind of lists do you keep?

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  1. oh how I love lists :) great post!

  2. I have slacked off on lists, except grocery lists. I know it sounds corny, but by making a true grocery list and not buying anything else has gotten us through!


  3. My husband laughs at all of my lists written in tiny bound books, on sticky notes, on the backs of used envelopes and even on the "stickynote" app on my phone. Needless to say, I don't let it get to me, because it makes me feel complete, like I have journaled my emotions into a LIST. GREAT POST!


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