Journal Prompt - A Collection of Sounds

Everyday we hear things all around us.  Sometimes simple sounds, sometimes sounds that startle us, either way since they are everyday sounds we don't think about them much.

Today take some time and create a collection of sounds. You can write a list or draw pictures of the all the sounds you hear.

Decide if you want to sit inside or outside, and how long you will need to create your collection. There are no rules, this can be done in five minutes or all afternoon.

This prompt is about using your senses as a source of inspiration.  It will become a great reference to refer back to in the future, showing what things inspired you and giving you a fresh perspective for the future.  

What sounds inspire you?

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  1. That's an interesting idea, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Birdsong is one of my favorites. I use them during my morning meditations, such a joyful sound. I also adore the noise of peepfrogs as they lull me to sleep. :) Roaring cars and motorcycles have the opposite effect on me however... ;)

  3. Simply Smitten bird songs are my favorites too. I love to listen to them on my morning walk, and watch them at the bird feeders in the afternoon.

  4. Smitten, the singing of the peepers is my favorite sound in the whole world! It reminds me of the simple and beautiful things in life and it makes me so happy :)


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