Be Inspired - Fruit Close-Up

Words to Inspire

“Apparent failure may hold in its rough shell the germs of a success that will blossom in time, and bear fruit throughout eternity.”

Idea to Inspire

Enjoy some fruit today. Fill bowls and place them around your house.  They will look pretty, smell good, and will be handy to eat whenever you need a piece of fruit.

Photos to Inspire

I love fruit and the abundance of fruit available this time of year. Not only is the fruit great to eat it's pretty to look at, and these Flickr photographer showcase all their beauty.

Blueberry Close-up.
Blueberry Close-up by OneliaPG

Orange 1
Orange 1 by Rune T

Apple Close Up HDR
Apple Close Up HDR by Anthony Thomas

Close-up of a bunch of grapes on grapevine
Close-up of a bunch of grapes on grapevine by TMarieShines
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  1. Great photos! Blueberries are a little creepy that close up! ~Val

  2. The apple photo has just inspired me. Love them colors together.

  3. those grapes are making me hungry...

  4. What beautiful, beautiful photos from Flickr! The colors are absolutely stunning. Gorgeous finds!

  5. Beautiful shots! Especially that blueberry. Really makes you look at it differently as we usually don't see all of the detail in them!

  6. Holy cow, what gorgeous photos!!! I didn't even realize what the blueberry was at first, it looks almost metallic! They all look delish! :)


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