Review an Old Idea

I am getting ready to have a house full of family for my daughters high school graduations this weekend. I have been cleaning every room and organizing along the way.  

I was cleaning our home office (it's going to be a bed room this weekend) and I stumbled across lots of papers I printed out while preparing to open my Etsy shop.

I took a little break and decided to look through all the papers.  I re-read lots of the great tips on setting up shop,  marketing, and selling.  

Here are a few that I think will make a nice additions this year:

Selling gift certificates - it something I always thought about but never really started.

Doing customer surveys - this is a great way to find out what my customers are thinking.

Refer a friend program - I recently found an Etsy application that can help set up a refer a friend
program for your Etsy shop.  Its called Anafore.

Gift wrapping - another idea I wanted to start but never did, maybe this year.

I enjoyed going through all those old papers and reviewing all those ideas.  I also got three rooms organized and ready for the weekend.

Have you look through your old marketing ideas lately?  What's an idea you read about when you opened up shop you might like to give a try this year?

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  1. Sometimes I run across a stash of articles or patterns that I printed ages ago. Some of them still interest me. The other pages get flipped over and used for printing my postage label.


  2. I've also been meaning to give gift certificates a go for awhile now, just haven't managed to get that far yet! Don't you feel great, all that cleaning and organizing? Yay for your daughter, how exciting! :)

  3. I really had never thought about gift certificates. Will have to look into that.Thanks.

  4. Ooh, your daughter must be so ecstatic...! Congrats to her!

    I've thought about gift certificates, I just haven't gotten to making any yet... I really should, though. :) Thanks for reminding me!

  5. I started getting serious about the gift wrapping after a few items I had brought had been beautifully wrapped. It was a real pleasure receiving them.


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