A view from the car window
Last week I had a wonderful time with my sister on our road trip to Myrtle Beach SC. We had the opportunity to travel through 8 states seeing mountains and cities, and the best part we got to spend a few days by the ocean.

We spent a lot of time on our trip relaxing.  We walked on the beach and boardwalk, laid by the pool, visited a museum, and drove around exploring Myrtle Beach.

We got up early for the sunrise on our first day on Myrtle Beach
It was so amazing
It was a great way to start our day
It turned out to be a beautiful day
We did have an adventure on our drive back.  We took a route that turned out to be a lot of back roads and very lonely highways.  Even thou we had a couple of challenging days, it did give us the opportunity to see farms, ranches, plantation, and really small towns up close.

This trip gave me an opportunity pull together some business ideas, and to get a lot of reading done. I feel so renewed.

I am not a big shell collector but here are a few I loved
I hope she wants to go on another vacation next year! Sister what do you think?

Are you planning on doing any traveling this season?

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time <3

    & you took such beautiful pictures!! :)


  2. Like how the the colors of the landscape changes with the intensity of the sun. A real patchwork quilt photo, too!

  3. Fantastic! It looks like you had a lovely time - and you caught so many great photos! Awesomeness. :)

    As for me... this September, my family is planning a trip to Pennsylvania. We want to see Gettysburg, because we're learning about the Civil War in school. I'm so excited, I love history!

  4. Our trip was OUTSTANDING!!!

    I will go anywhere, anytime and anyway with my sister!

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad you feel refreshed and renewed, that's what vacations should be all about! I love the sunrise photos, beautiful!! :)

  6. That looks like so much fun! I love your pictures... thanks for sharing them! My sister and I are talking about taking a road trip next year :)


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