Pile It On

Layering your jewelry is a trend that has been around for awhile and is big again for this summer.  Stacking on bracelets and bangles, wearing long and short necklaces, and rings, lots and lots of rings is all the rage. It's even a big trend for guys to layer on the jewelry.

This trend is easy to wear, pull out your favorite 3, 4, or even 5 piece (the more the better) and wear them all at the same time.  Even if you are not into wearing a lot of jewelry or big jewelry you can still stack on small and daintier piece to achieve the layering look.

I found some wonderful piece on Etsy, check out these shops for more layering ideas.

Multicolor Leather Cord Bangles with Silver by MaribelleCampa

Aurora Borealis Shimmer Stack by KateDalDesigns
Layered necklace with bezel set glass by BijuBee
She Rocks Reclaimed Necklace Jewelry by ecoblingcouture
stacking rings in 14K gold filled and sterling by preciousjd
Copper Twist Diamond Stack Ring by RootsJewelry
Will you be wearing the layering jewelry trend this summer?

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  1. It's a good thing it's in. Although, I would layer even if it wasn't!;)

  2. Personally, I like layering, but I don't often remember to put on jewelry in the morning. And THAT is where my problem is. ;) But I do think it's a nice trend! :)

    (PS Great Etsy finds, too!)

  3. I think it's a great look, but I'm not one for much jewelry! In my life, it tends to get in the way of baking, creating, gardening, shoveling out goat pens... ;)

  4. I love the layering, I am working on it! I am making some long versatile pieces with bits of vintage chain and beads to wear with my other items!


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