Creative Connections Answers

For everyone who tried to make a creative word connection in yesterdays blog post here are your answers.  If you missed yesterdays post click here before you continue reading.

1. house (doll house, housecoat, household) 

2. sun (sunspot, suntan, Sunday)

3. tax (income tax, tax return, sales tax)

4. foot (foot stool, big foot, football)

5. sea (sea horse, sea spray, seashore)

If you have come up with an original solution not listed here, good for you!  Share your answers with us in the comments section, so we can all see your solution.

This test was tough for me, but it made me want to work on making those word connections.  If anyone want to try some more let me know I have a few more I could share.

I hope you had fun with our creative word game.  I will have a few more coming in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Awesome - hey, look, I got some right! I'm so proud of myself. ;)

  2. Ugggh, I forgot to come back! It's funny how easy it looks now, almost too obvious... and yet I didn't answer any!! ;)


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