Spring Clean your Online Business

I am looking forward to Spring, and with it a week away, it's time to think about Spring cleaning.  Not Spring cleaning your house, but your online business.

Here are a few ideas for Spring cleaning your Etsy shop, and links to sites for more ideas.

Work on your pictures - We hear it all the time but it's something that will really make a difference in the appearance of your shop. I recently did this in my shop, changing every single photo I have.  It was a big job but worth it.

Link - Natural Sunlight Product Photography Tips

Make your titles and tags SEO friendly - When I first heard about SEO (search engine optimization) I did not think it was all that important.  After a year of reading blog posts, ebooks, and reports about SEO I realized that it would help my shop overall.

I have been working on my titles and tags over time, and I will have to say it does make a difference.  There are some days I get more views from google then I do from Etsy.  Do some research and start making your shop SEO friendly.  Don't forget your shop section you want them to be SEO friendly too.

Link - Smaller Box :: SEO

Make your banner and avatar represent you and your business - This is a topic that comes up a lot in the Etsy forums, should I change my avatar and banner often or keep them the same.   I think of my banner and avatar as part of my brand and always use the same one.  My avatar makes my business recognizable to everyone on the web.

Review your profile - Make sure it's up to date and reflects your current creative story.

Revamp your policies - Keep them current.

Link - Etsy Blog Shop Makeover Series

Social Media

There are so many ways to market your shop via social media.  Like most online business owners you have accounts on a variety of sites all over the web, and you may be spending yourself thin trying to keep track of where you want to promote.

I have found that if you have just a hand full of social sties where you spend most of your time, your marketing plan will be more effective.  If you have sites you never use but have set up an account, it's worth it to delete that account.  When you leave an account  inactive people on those sites don't think you are in business and you could lose that customer base.

Link - Social Media Examiner: Your Guide to the Media Jungle

Hope these tips and links are helpful for getting your shop ready for a busy Spring season.

What kind of things are you planning to do to Spring clean your online business?
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  1. Great tips and links! It is a must to do some cleaning and organizing from time to time in our shops. ~Val

  2. Wow...that's a lot to think about. I've recently been trying to update my branding, change over my name, and now, sigh...to get to the big stuff like finally registering it and conducting a trade name search. I do need to work on my SEO stuff as well...so much to do!!

  3. great post! thanks for all the reminders!!!

  4. Thanks for the great tips! Keeps my brain from rusting at times!

  5. Thanks for this! I feel like cleaning out pictures and SEO is a never ending chore, but definitely worth the time.


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