Non-Traditional Journaling

Do you sometimes find keeping a journal challenging? Changing up how you journal and what you journal about is a great way to enjoy the process again.

Instead of using a book or a note book, why not try journaling on 3 x 5 or 4 x6 note cards.  They are inexpensive, you can buy them in different colors or multi color packs, even with lines or without.

Carry around a thin stack of cards for a week use one everyday to jot down notes, make small collages, do quick sketches, or just for ideas you may have.  At the end of the week you can sort the cards into themes, create a to do list, bind them together or file them away.

Why not try this for a month instead and see what happens.  At the end of the month you will have a whole stack of cards with ides, mini pieces of art, or even projects you can start.

Note cards are also great for creating a travel kit, instead of bring a big book along all you will need is a pack of cards.  You could work on a new card everyday and come home with a trip full of memories.

Using the cards might be a nice break from keeping a traditional journal, what other non traditional journal ideas can you share with us?
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  1. That's a really inspiring idea! I am always slightly intimidated by a blank spread in a book - I worry about spoiling the book! But this idea has so much freedom, thanks for sharing :)
    Mitzi x

  2. this is a great idea! my current book is such a mess, I can't find anything in it - it all jumbled. Cards would be easier to sort and put in order, and re-arrange if necessary.
    thanks for keeping us inspired!

  3. That's an interesting idea... I should do that just for story/novel ideas. :) Thanks again for the great suggestions!

  4. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing! Love the colorful, fun note cards!

  5. That's a different idea! I love journaling, but I might give this a try, it'll be a whole new thing. Little bits and pieces of your day, things you may forget otherwise. :)

  6. Great Blog! I use a tiny lined notebook that I can carry with me everywhere. I write down ideas, drawings, reminders, and sometimes quotes that I want to remember. I would be LOST if it weren't for my Tiny Journal...thanks for the new idea.


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