Idea Generating Checklist

Not knowing what you want to do can be so frustrating. I have had days where I sit and look at all my stuff and still don't know where to start.

Bob Eberle created a idea-generating checklist to help get you started on a project, it's called SCAMPER.

Here is what it means:

Substitute something -try other materials, processes, or technique.

Combine it with something else - new assortment, materials, or tools.

Adapt something to it - what can be adapted from a new technique.

Modify or magnify it - can it be made larger, extended, or exaggerated.

Put it to some other use - what else can be made with it?

Eliminate something - how can you streamline or compact it?

Reverse or rearrange it - try a new pattern, layout, or order.

To get started isolate your challenge or the object you are working with.  Ask the SCAMPER questions for each step of your project and see what new ideas emerge.

This is a great technique to kick start a new or stalled project or when you want to work with a new material.  

Do you have special techniques that you use to get inspired when you are stuck on a project?
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  1. Thank you for sharing this neat idea for tricking your mind into inspiration. Creative Block is NOT fun.

  2. Very helpful! Hi there! I am your newest follower from the EE Team & would love it if you stopped by and followed me! Be sure to check out today's product review post of a fellow EE Team member :) Hope you are having a great day! (My name above links directly to my site..)

  3. Great idea! Usually when I'm blocked I move on to something else, but that would explain why my work space is littered with incomplete projects! :)

  4. when im stuck on what city/country/set of colors to do next, i ask my friends and go with their ideas


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