Color Palette Resources

There are many decisions you have to make as an artist to create a piece of artwork.  Deciding on what colors to use can be a challenge sometimes.  

I have found a couple of wonderful resources you can use to create a color palette from what inspires you.

The Color Palette Generator

Check out this example of how the Color Palette Generator works on a painting from Toni Swarthout.


Another great options for creating custom color Palettes is Color Hunter.

Both of these sites are easy to use and give you a collection of colors that can use in your creative project.

When you are working with colors how do you decide what colors to use?  
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  1. Wow, that's pretty cool!

  2. What a neat tool!!! I love to play around with beads and match up colors that otherwise don't seem to match! ~Val

  3. When you create a color palette on Color Hunter, if you click on one of the colors in your palette will take you to a page with other color palettes that were created with that color. Check out the sites their are lots of fun options.

  4. Looks fun. I'll have to check it out.

  5. Interesting. I usually have the problem of what colors to start with, and these seem to be most helpful if youve already got an idea. I usually as a friend to pick a color, or tell me their favorite color combo. It works well when I can't decide what to wear too :P

  6. Cool site!

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. This is fantastic! I like trying to draw colors from nature or other surroundings to incorporate into my pieces, this will be a great tool to help me with that.


  8. Colors are half the battle...thank you for sharing!


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