Journal Prompt - Almost No Writing Required

This week instead of writing or drawing in your journal consider adding one memento per day.  Add things like ticket stubs,receipts, newspaper clippings, tags from new clothes, photographs, a note from a friend or family.

Travel Art Journal Inside
Travel Art Journal Inside bye lara**

Tape the item to a journal page and add a little text as a reminder about what made that item worth keeping.

When you add items to your journal entries you are adding depth and complexity, as well as new meaning about your daily life.

When you look back over your entries in years to come, those items will spark memories, and maybe a boost of inspiration.

What special things have you added to one of your journal entries?
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  1. I add things to my journal occasionally... just little things, most of the time. I also have a "Keepsake Box", as I call it, to keep things like that- tickets and receipts and maps and newspaper clippings- stuff I might like to look over someday. I like journalling, though, so most of the time my diaries are filled with words, not keepsakes! ;)

  2. a couple of my friends had a bubble gum chewing contest (where you see how many pieces of double-bubble you can stick in your mouth and chew. yes, they were boys) and it was so ridiculous that i kept all 23 or so of the winning wrappers and taped them in my journal as evidence.

  3. Found you on UEF and following! :)

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food


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