Beautiful Packages

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to create for the holidays.  My daughter and I usually get brown craft paper and paint or stamp it with fun colors. 

Last year we painted newspaper with water color paint so the newsprint would show through, it looked cool but it was a lot of work and really messy. 

I have searched the web and I found some pictures of wonderfully packaged gifts.  I hope they inspire you to create your own unique packaging this holiday season.

Do you have a favorite medium for wrapping your gifts?
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  1. Very lovely photos. I do love gift wrapping but think I need to be a bit more creative! I tried a bit this year, including little ornaments and made cute gift tags to go on the bows, but, I could definitely take it further!

  2. I love love love to wrap presents. I don't usually make anything extra for them, but I love to bedeck them with all sorts of shiny stuff.

  3. We once wrapped our gifts in the Sunday comics and that turned out pretty cute!

  4. Too pretty to open! I love the scarf idea because it's an extra little gift that the reciever can keep.


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