Quick Tip for the Holidays

I am excited to have Pam Moore back as a guest blogger, for a series of tips for staying organized this holiday season.  She will have a tip every week until the end of the year. If you have any questions  for Pam you can email her at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com

Did you have a hard time finding your Halloween decoration this year?

If so, organize now for next year. When you put away flat items (things you stick to your windows) place in a large mailing envelope and itemize what's inside by writing on the outside.

For soft item such as fabric costumes, place them inside a plastic bag lined with a paper bag. The plastic will help if exposed to moisture.

Lastly, use plastic bins to store the large and xl large items. If possible, add envelope(s) and bag with fabric items inside plastic bin as well.

To avoid items being exposed to moisture place bin(s) in a high dry space.

Another holiday organization tip by Pam Moore next week!
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  1. Great organizing tips! I always feel life is easier when I stay organized!


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