Your Color Personality

Do you want to know what your favorite color says about you?
I found a quiz about color to share with you today. It's a fun way to find out your color personality.

Click the Real Simple to take this quick and easy quiz.

When you are done stop back by and share with everyone if what they said is true about you.

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  1. I am a fire personality :) I am drawn to reds and oranges. I'm not sure it was all accurate- for example I am not really outgoing- but it was fun to take.
    Once for a job interview they made me take a color test, very odd.

  2. I was also a fire personality ~ it's true i do love red, but i hate orange. i am though drawn to bright bold colours & i would describe myself as outgoing. it was interesting.

  3. I'm water personality. It described be well, I really do like thing to be calm and blues and grays are my favorite colors.

  4. I was an air personality and yellow is my favorite colour. Yes, I think I'm a warm person. But air?

  5. I'm a water personality. The blue they chose for that is really pretty!

  6. I'm an earth personality and I totally agree with what they had to say. What a fun quiz!


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