When did you start creating?

I always wished I that I started my art career right out of school. I did not start making jewelry full time until my mid thirties, but wished I had started sooner.

I also wished I knew what I wanted to do out of high school, so I could have gone to college for art and jewelry design. I studies business and fashion and worked in fashion for a few years, but it was never my passion.

Last week I had a post called Reminiscing about High School, everyone who commented shared a little bit about how they felt about high school. Check it out.

So here is a question for you:

Did you create and know you wanted to create right out of school?

Were you able start your creative career right out of school?

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  1. I've known my whole life I wanted to do something creative, when I was in infant school I told my parents I was going to be an artist - my mum told me I couldn't be an artist because they didn't make any money - I chose to ignore her and do what I wanted to.

    After school I went to college to study art and design - I loved every minute plus met my OH while there...

    I was never sure exactly what art / craft I wanted to do but the jewellery was a teenage hobby that just kind of worked out....

  2. I've expressed myself through creative expression for as long as I can remember. And I give myself credit for each and every experience, no matter how small or "failed" it may have been. :)

  3. Sharon and Walk in the Woods, how wonderful to know at an early age that you wanted to always create.

    Like Sharon mentioned my parents always told me that artists don't make any money, I wish I ignored them like you did yours Sharon and followed my dreams too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am in my mid 30s as well and just started my jewelry! I have always played around with creative things here and there though. I altered a lot of my clothes in high school because we didn't have much money. I went to school for business and now have a day job in accounting which I am not passionate about but it pays the bills:)


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