We Should Never Stop Learning

When I was in school I could not wait to get out. Now that I am done with school, all I want to do is take classes.

I enjoy talking classes and learning new skills. If it were in the budget I would take new classes all the time. When I take classes I try new mediums, learn a new business skill, and try new techniques.

Do you take classes?

Do you take classes for fun or for your business?

With so much to learn and we should never stop learning.
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  1. yes I want to take jewellery making class

  2. I always try to learn new techniques. I usually learn from the web or sometimes I try and figure new skills out myself. This autumn is the first time I will take classes.

    I like reading your blog and I am passing The Versatile Blogger Award to you :-)



  3. Great post! One of my goals for my students is for them to become lifelong lovers of learning. Personally there are TONS of classes I'd love to have the time (and money!) to take :)


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