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I enjoy teaching. I have been teaching for several years, and I have taught classes for children and adults and every experience has been very fulfilling. Teaching has also become an important part of my business.

So, here is the question:

Do you teach what you create?
If not, have you thought about teaching?

Share your teaching experiences, or if you have thought about teaching what's stopping you.

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  1. I have been giving sewing lessons to a friend of mine who is on maternity leave! :)

    Your stuff is so cool and unique!!

  2. hm, no I don't, but that is an interesting idea!

  3. Your blog looks great! I love your widgets.

  4. I love teaching actually!

    I currently work as a research assistant (not much teaching now) but I used to tutor organic chemistry and TA chemistry labs when I was in school! I love to make science accessible and understandable to everyone and I can't wait to start grad school so I have the opportunity to teach again :)

    I don't teach anything that has to do with my craft at the moment but I still like to thing I am bringing science to everyone in a fun way through my Etsy shop!

  5. I would love to teach art. To adults lol not kids.

    I've been thinking about doing an online workshop/class but am looking to see what people are interested in from me before I go for it. I do so many different art things so I would love to know what people want to know first :) (there's a post on my blog looking for opinions)

    Good luck with your teaching! :)

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing!

    Kendra, you bring up another point, I have not thought about teaching an online class, but what a good idea.

    Has anyone taught or taken an online class?

  7. I haven't taught anything, but I've coached some sports. It was really fun and rewarding and would love to do it again!

  8. I haven't tried teaching... i think partly because i find public speaking really hard. maybe if the students were very little, i would be less scared. ;)

  9. I do not teach what I create because of the fear of public speaking too. I work with preschoolers so I find it hard to teach adults....and preschoolers with stamping, ink, paper cutters etc....would be quite challenging.....LOL!!

  10. I've thought about it... But I'm still so new to all this, and I wouldn't know even where to go or how to start. Maybe someday.

  11. I've been a career voice teacher and music director for 30 years, so I teach and coach for a living, working with professionals as well as comitted amateur singers. Began teaching when I was 13, so I think teaching chose me! And of course, being a good parent also means teaching. While I've thought of teaching recycled jewelry design, I decided I need it just for me. Helping others find their creative voice is different from expressing your own sometimes!


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!