How many art books do you have?

I love books, art books, jewelry books, business books, personal growth books, all kinds of books. Buying books is one of my weaknesses, I always want the newest and the latest.

I have about 200 books in my collection, and I use them often for inspiration, or for a new techniques. I try to buy a new book at least once a month.

How about you?

How many books do you have about your craft/art?

How often do you use the books in your collection?

How often do you buy books?

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  1. I have way too many books too! It was especially bad when my brother worked at a discount book store and got huge discounts on top of that. He brought all sorts of art books home!

  2. I have a few stacks of art books. They always seem like such an extravagance, but they make me so happy. And the colors and patterns and emotions are so inspirational. Nice post.

  3. Eeep. I don't think I have any - maybe just a few on photography. I always feel the urge to buy some really pretty art books, but I know I would hardly look at them.

    Good for you for reading and getting inspiration from them!

    (P.S. You should take a look at http://efreeme.com to post your creations - it's free!)

  4. I don't have that many. Most of my books are poetry books.

  5. Southern Belle, poetry books count as art books too!

  6. I am a self confessed bibliophile and I am so jealous of your number! I have a lot of literature. I have maybe 10 art books tops...tho most of them now are photography books that I had to buy for school!

    I have a ton of art books on my amazon wishlist tho! I need to get shopping :)
    It would be awesome if you posted a list of your favorites/all your books for us :)

  7. Kendra, it took years to collect all those books and I love all of them. I will share some of my favorite books in a future post.


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