Whats your Favorite Magazine?

I love magazines!! I could sit and read magazines all day long. When I need a quick creative boost it's the perfect thing to get the creative juices flowing.

I like a wide range of magazines including fashion, art, decorating, craft, business, and travel. When I can't afford to buy them I go to the book store, grab a cold drink and spend a couple of hours going through magazines.

When I want to bring some home so I can lounge and read them I check out a whole stack from my library.
Leave me a comment of your favorite magazines, and I will create a list of must read magazines in a future post.

Whats your favorite magazine?

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  1. so many - im a mag addict
    for Fashion i love British Vogue and LUCKY magazine!
    and lots of interior mags too - visual beauty!

  2. British Grazia
    British Glamour
    British Cosmopolitan
    :) xx

  3. I love Elle, Vogue, Vogue Italia.

    <3 Kelly

  4. I love Real Simple. They have a great website too.

  5. I am a magazine junkie too! I love all the Sommerset publications: Blogging, Haute Handbags,(I was actually featured in the spring issue, Woohoo),Threads, BH&G

  6. I LOVED Domino before they went under. Second favorite is Elle Decor. I get so many ideas from it! I think I would also like Real Simple, if the majority of it wasn't already common sense to me.

  7. I'm a big fan of Metalsmith, American Craft, and Saveur (which is an absolutely amazing food magazine.)

  8. What a great list of magazines so far.

    Debi, congrats on being featured in Haute Handbags!

  9. I more into books that magazines, but I like:
    Beading and MJSA Journal.
    Can't wait to read the post and star following new magazines! :)

  10. Oooh dear. I used to love "Eve" magazine but they don't import it from the UK anymore. "She" is my next favourite - another UK mag, but a bit more mindful than the trashy Aussie ones (!).


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