Instant Energy Boost

We all have a lot on our plate, family, jobs, our business, friends, events, school, the list could go on and on. On days when you just feel like you are running on empty, try one or even two of these tips to get your recharged to start or finish your day.

On a dreary day wear a bright color - most energizing colors red, orange, and yellow.

Add the smell of citrus - with your body wash, or a couple of slices of lemon to a glass of water. Need a serious boost? Put a couple of drops of citrus, lemon, or bergamot essential oil on a cotton ball and inhale. This is my personal favorite, I love anything citrus.

Have a peppermint - it will stimulate a part of your brain that will make you more alert.

Take a deep breath - many of the toxins in our body or expelled by breathing, simply close your eyes and take several deep breaths.

Crank up the music - and get up and dance.

Fill a vase with fresh flowers - there was a study at Harvard that showed that people who look at fresh blooms have higher energy levels.

Write thank you notes - it's hard to be stressed and feel grateful at the same time. Take a few minutes and write notes to someone who has helped you recently.

Sit up straight - poor posture puts uneven pressure on your spine making your muscles work harder causing them to tighten up. Practice sitting straight when your working, over time it will become a habit.

End your shower with a burst of cold water - a quick short blast will perk you up.

You can read even more ideas in the July 2010 Real Simple Magazine

What do you do to stay energized?

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  1. what a lovely post. I love wearing bright colors, I drink lots of limeade, love writing thank notes, I try to sit up straight, the only thing I don't know about is doing the burst of cold water at the end of a shower. I've backpacked in places where they didn't have hot water, but I don't know if I can do it at home. I guess I am spoiled. O.o

  2. Excellent suggestions. My own tip would be to get outside, best of all in the countryside, but if that's not possible just anywhere you can see the sky.

  3. Great tips! Don't tell anybody, but I belly dance in the bathroom at work all the time. 0.o

  4. niftyknits, I love the idea of getting outside to see the sky, and aquariann, keep on belly dancing it sounds like fun!

  5. I don't know if I have the guts for the cold burst of water at the end of my showers, but I can definitely handle wearing bright colors and smelling citrus :)

  6. thanks! I'm in need of a boost right now...

  7. Great blog and excellent energy tips! When I need a little burst of energy at work, I often get up from my desk and take a quick walk outside.


  8. thank u so much for these tips!!...*

  9. Wonderful tips! Thank you! Have a lovely weekend!

    <3 Kelly


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