Create Your Own Home Spa

Can't afford to go to the spa? Create one at home. I found a special collection of Etsy Artists with items to create the perfect home spa.

Manuka Lavendar Soy Tin Travel Candle by BLCBodyShop

Citrine Leaves Buckwheat and Lavender Pillow by Mireio

A Day at the Spa Gift Box by Green Valley Naturals by cindydevore

These shop have a variety of items for your home spa. Give all of the a visit and enjoy all the supplies you need for a relaxing day of pampering yourself.
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  1. Wonderful selections. I really honored to be included! Thank you so much.

  2. Great selection! I needs me some pampering!

  3. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for including my Spa Fusion soap :D

  4. Nice finds, off to check them out :) T.

  5. I wish the internet had smell...I bet these things smell great. :)

  6. Great picks! Everyone could use a spa day once in a while. Love SoapyPleasure's stuff!

  7. This makes me want to fill up the tub and relax!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds :)

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