Every Day is a New Day

I read an amazing post last week by April on her Hearts Expanding blog called Fresh. In her post she has what she calls her anti-resolutions list, it really is her daily list of things to do.

Last year I did several posts about planning and setting goals, and I believe it is important to have long term goals to help guide you in your life and business. I also believe that when you have small workable goals it can be easier to reach your long term goals, just like April's anti-resolutions.
April's post reminds us that we may have a rough day or even week where we may want to give up on our goals, but every month, every week, every day, even every hour, you can start fresh.

Everyday I get up I go out for a walk, I eat a good breakfast, a good lunch, bust some days I may not do as well with my goal to eat healthy. The best part I can get up the next day and start over, and over time I will meet my goal.

If things are not going as planned one day, then the next day start over, because every day is a new day.

Are you living each day as a new day?

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  1. Great thoughts! I have my to-do list, sometimes with holdovers from the day before, but try not to let that bother me. As you say, every day is a new one. (Tried to get some do-overs a few times, but never was successful, drat it.)

  2. A good reminder to wake up and face the world with a fresh mind and attitude!

    Sometimes the items left over from weeks before still come back to haunt me, but crossing them off the list is the most satisfying accomplishment. I keep all my to do lists in a journal and it is really neat to go back to the beginning and see what needed to be done a long time ago - and what eventually got done without me even noticing!


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