I remembers my dreams almost every night. With so many images in my head I decided I wanted to know what they all mean.

About 20 years ago I went out and bought the best dream book I could find, and I have been interpreting my dreams and my friends dreams, ever since.

It is always fascinating to me how the images I see when I am dreaming really do mean something in my everyday life.

Today I want to share some interesting fact I recently read about dreams.

You forget 90% of your dreams - with in 5 minutes of waking up you forget 50% and after 10 minutes 90%.

Everybody dreams - if you don't think that you dream you are just forgetting them upon waking.

In our dreams we only see faces we already know - We see hundreds of thousand of faces in our life so we have a endless supply for our brain to use in our dreams.

Chair of Joy by DanaKomjaty

Not everybody dreams in color - about 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white, and the rest in color. Prior to the 1950's most people dreamed in black and white, but the introduction of color television changed that.

Dreams are symbolic - dream speak is a deeply symbolic language. Italic

Emotions - the most common emotions in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common then positive ones.

You can have 4 - 7 dreams a night - on average you can dream from 1 - 2 hours every night.

Dream incorporation - our mind takes images we see throughout the day and incorporates them into our dreams. This happens to me all the time, that why I never watch a scary movie or TV show before I go to sleep.

Men and women dream differently - men tend to have more men in their dreams and women dream with equal amounts of men and women. Men tend to have more aggressive emotions when they dream.

Precognitive dreams - 18% - 38% of the population has had a precognitive dream, while 70% have experienced déjà vu.

You can read the complete list at BoredPanda.com.

Do you know what your dreams mean?

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  1. Very interesting thoughts about dreams...thanks for posting them. I have had recurrent nightmares all my life that continue to haunt me during the day. Usually about huge spaces filled with the most gorgeous furniture and treasures but a feeling of fear and abandonment and not being able to find my voice. I wish I could get rid of these dreams :(

  2. Patricia, reoccurring dreams mean you have an unresolved issue. Each night that you have the dream you need to go over your previous day, and compare them to see what is similar and how you can change it.

    I have recurrent dreams of being in school and it's the end of the year and I have not gone to any classes and I can't find the classrooms to take my tests. When I have this dream I know I don't feel like I am getting things done, so the next day I make a plan.

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights about dreams. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who forgets my dreams quickly. If I remember, it means that dream had impact.

    As a child I had a reoccurring dream that I still remember to this day. As a teen I had a dream which inspired the art throughout my home. Two examples of how powerful dreams can be.

    When I babysit my niece (5) and nephew (6) and it time for bed, I always whisper sweet dreams in their ears. This has turned into a special moment we have with each other :)

  4. Funny you posted this today because I had the straaaangest dream last night! And even remembered a lot of it... weiiiird.

  5. This is a cool list of information about dreams.

    It's interesting that before colored television most people dreamt in black and white. When I remember a dream, I remember the plot line (if you can call it that) and the emotions, but cannot tell you whether or not it was in color. Is that usual?

    What is the good dream book that you use?


  6. Sharon, some people just don't remember their dreams. My husband rarely remembers his. If you want to remember your dreams this site has tips to help you remember.

    I love The Dream Book by Betty Bethards, it's easy to read has a more positive spin and has helped me figure out most of dreams for the last 20 years.

    Anyone else have a dream book they use to interpret their dreams?

  7. Wow - I used to be very into trying to remember and interpret dreams! I haven't thought about it a long time, and never know some of these interesting facts. Great info, and maybe I will put that journal beside my bed again with pan nearby so I can write down my dream as soon as I wake up.....thanks for some interesting tidbits.

  8. boy, did I leave a lot of typos there - sorry.....
    haven't thought about it IN a long time
    and never KNEW
    and journal beside my bed with a PEN nearby

  9. This post has pretty cool information about dreams. I figure the visuals of dreams mean almost nothing... I pay attention to the emotion, I think the subconscious tells us to pay attention by giving images that can shake us, but it is the emotion of the dream that tells us what needs to be addressed, if that makes any sense. TF


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