Sick Days

What do you do when you are sick?

As independent business owners we have the freedom to set our own schedule, do things the way we want to do them, and work when we want, but we know that our business is better when we are working. I know when I don't work I don't get any views, or comments.

We also have to deal with everyday issues like taking care of family, house, and everyday needs.

Well I have been sick (thanks to my 16 year old) for the last few days and trying to balance my desire to want to lay around and do nothing all day, and keeping my business running. It has made me think about sick days. When you are sick do you keep working?

I just wanted to open up the discussion to all of you. What do you do with your business when you are sick?

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  1. I definitely give myself "down days." Where I only check the computer a few times a day and do nothing else. Except the dishes, dinner, homework checking, laundry, bedtime duties, etc...haha!

    It's hard to give ourselves permission to take it easy, but I think it really makes us feel better more quickly!

    Hope you heal soon!

  2. Let your body rest in order to get better. Do the priorities ONLY for your business. Post in a few forums and post a short blog or picture just to show you're still alive.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Linda B.

  3. Joni, your right it's hard to give ourselves permission for down days and I am guilty of trying to do it all and be sick at the same time.

    Linda, thanks for your suggestion, I have tried to limit my time, but it's hard for me. Thank you for the well wishes.

    It's hard as a business owner to think about taking a loss for the day, especially online where everything moves so quickly and you can be forgotten. Is anyone else concerned about that?

  4. Everyone deserves rest and we should allow ourselves to take a break.

    We run more of a risk of our business suffering when one day of pushing ourselves turns into two and two days turns into three.... and a week later we still feel like crap!

    Enjoy the break, you deserve it!

  5. As I work a day job..if I've accurred the time to be 'sick' (sad isn't it)..I may stay at home and try to do what Joni suggested. It's never worked out that way though...best bet is if I can grab a nap in the afternoon. That's success in my book on a sick day! Hope you feel better!

  6. Thanks Jenni!
    I stayed in bed until 9:30 this morning, my sister said I should have stayed in there longer, but it had already felt like I missed half the day.

  7. I always make myself work when I am feeling ill. Sometimes I can only manage some computer time, which can be done in bed :)

  8. I dislike it when our friends say oh, that's so nice because you can just stay home when you want to - uh, I think we work longer than anyone! Sometimes my husband stays at the studio all night if he is busy. When we're sick, we limit what we can do - no shoots since we're around kids a lot and just website updating, filing paperwork, client calls, etc.

  9. Sadly my business isn't big enough that it'd matter if I had a sick day, LOL. Heck, everyday could be a sick day! The real problem is having to take care of my one year old when I'm sick. I just do my best to tough it out... or give my mother-in-law a call ;) Lol


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