Get a Fresh Start for Spring

It has been a long cold winter, with lots of snow. This year I am excited for Spring, I can't wait for the warm weather, blooming flowers, sunny skies, and green everywhere.

Today some easy ideas to enjoy the season.

Ideas to embrace Spring
Enjoy spring Colors

Make a new friend
Take a class, join a group, start a conversation,
a great way to meet new people.

Clear the clutter
Spring cleaning is a great way to start
the season fresh and new.

Find new recipes for spring vegetable's
from one of my favorite food network cooks.

Rediscover spring fruits and vegetable's
My favorite thing after a long winter.

Plant a seed
It doesn't matter where you live a house, apartment,
or a room, plants add life inside and out.

What do you do to enjoy the start of Spring?

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  1. Wonderful suggestions....I'd love to try them all!

  2. Love the new colours, I take photos of all the spring flowers I have planted in my garden :) T.

  3. The produce colors are as inspiring as the Fashion Week colors, aren't they?

  4. I've been spring cleaning...and enjoying some nice walks outside in the sun. I also am trying to wear brighter colors (though it can be a challenge, as I'm an earth tone kind of girl!)

  5. I’ve realized that I re-fall in love with spring colors every year. And it’s the only time that I’m attracted to pastels.
    I love and look forward to yard work in the spring. I’ve already started a collection of butterfly photos from our yard. Now those are colors that can inspire.


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