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I have taken many painting and drawing classes over the years, because I always wanted to be an all around artist who can work in a variety of mediums. Unfortunately I never mastered the necessary skills needed to have my artwork shown outside of my house.

I have been creative most of my life, and I discovered sewing when I was young spending years making my own clothes. I still make clothes every once in awhile and purses and bags when I want something different.

When I discovered making jewelry and working with metal, I discovered a way to express my desire to create pieces that were special and one of a kind. Once I started making jewelry I knew that I was going to do it forever. Even 12 years later I still love it!

As much as I wish I could paint and draw, and have more time to sew, I found the medium I enjoy creating the most and I have spent years learning to make the best possible product. That's why I only sell jewelry in my shops, it also makes it easier to brand and market my shop too.

I would love to hear your thoughts, do you prefer shops that offer a variety of products and styles or shops with a defined style and product? Also, if you were to create something else what medium would you enjoy trying?
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  1. For me, I am trying to establish one brand, one identity.For that I just want jewelry in the Alder Creek Designs shop

    I could see having an artist's co-op shop though and offering many things-but it wouldn't be my work I'd be the curator so to speak.

  2. I love variety, but I can understand that people like to keep their shops "cohesive" and pleasing to the eye. Everyone has their own preferences, and I would shop at a place that has one specific theme, or a dozen! If I find something I like, that's all that matters to me as a customer.

  3. From an online marketing stand point, I think it's easier on Etsy to sell one thing..be that vintage or jewelry or fine art. But, you could try to offer a line that you create a special section for in your shop and see how it goes. Online sales are key word driven..so it's how well you use your tags and it takes a while to become established..so, give it a chance. Personally, I think you'd make a great B & M shop owner as you have an eye for lovely things :)

  4. Jenni, Thanks so much!! Owning a B & M would be a lot of work, but it is something to think about for the future.

  5. I like a middle ground. Some shops with only one kind of thing seem a little boring and shops with too much variety probably struggle to be remembered.

    Some items fit well together because they share a common theme--like vintage jewelry, hats, shoes and clothes. Sometimes items that share a common technique work well together--like leather tooled saddles, journals, belts, and wallets.

    I struggle with this balance as a seller of knitted and crocheted accessories for women. Sometimes I think I need to focus my offerings more. Other times I just want to be true to making what I enjoy creating and providing the buyer some variety. Only time will tell perhaps.



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