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I love checking out the work of the people who follow my blog. A couple of day ago Patty started following my blog, and I went to her blog called A Diary Left Open. She is a wonderful writer and I enjoyed reading her blog. Patty had a post about writing a "Found Poem" and with her permission I am sharing it with you today. Grab your journal and some magazines you are going to want to give this a try.

How to Write a "Found Poem" - By Patty Mooney

I think of February as "The Love Month," because it is the month that contains Valentine's Day, "The Big Day of Love" - I have decided to devote the month to the theme of love. Today's post is all about how to write a found poem. I'll show you my technique (not that there's much of one.)
Prior to giving away those old Vanity Fairs and Rolling Stones, what I like to do is leaf through the pages and see if any of the stories catch my eye. What I'm looking for are juicy nouns and verbs... If I find something I like, then I circle phrases that leap out, very quickly, without thinking about it. I then string these phrases together to create a "Found Poem." Here's one called "What Women Love." Men, take note.

A note to people who may not think they like poetry. You should give it a chance by reading a poem - start with a short one - several times. It's the same theory you use when listening to new music. You may not like or understand it at first, but after listening to it several times, it makes sense and you really start enjoying it. If you read a poem at least three or four times, you will start to "see" ideas and images that you hadn't noticed the first time around. Give it a go.

What Women Love

First, make the truffles.
Don't wait till your wedding.
Serve them upside down
smothered in fudge.
Garnish with berries or powdered sugar
using a rubber spatula, allowing the whites
to drip away.
Offer cold vodka or champagne,
a mild sour cream that doesn't conflict,
creamy roe from the youngest, smallest sturgeon
in the cold waters of the Caspian Sea.
Females have a particular attraction
like choosing between a Renoir and a Matisse.
A chocolate dessert that kills.
Serve straight up on ice.
You need spoons
mother of pearl, tortoise shell.

Also check out her other blog A Life In Business.

Thanks Patty for letting me share this on my blog!

I could not wait to give this a try and here is my first attempt at creating a "Found Poem".

A Secret

A revealing discovery
Unexpected Combinations
Unapologetically bold

Look closely
Prepare to be inspired
From ordinary to extraordinary

Dramatic results
A question answered
A secret kept

Give this a try, you will be amazed how much fun it is to let your mind be creative putting together random phrases. Share your poem in the comments for everyone to read.
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  1. There are so many ways to be creative!
    I am going to give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing.


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