Spring 2010 - Must Have Accessories Trends

SPRING 2010 Accessory Trends

Three accessory trends you have to add to your spring wardrobe, featuring a few of the wonderful artists on Etsy.

DENIM - Unexpected fabric in hot new accessories.

New Classic Jean colour Denim Large Bag by CrazyBoy

GLOBAL - Richly patterned for instant style.

Leather painted tribal tattoo cuff by LeatherDesign

CLEAR - Dynamic piece, with a hint of color.

High Voltage Fused Glass Earrings by urbanfusions

Mixed Choker Necklace in Lemonade clear by GlamRockEmporium

Add any of these accessory trends for an instant update to your spring look.

What accessory trend will you be adding to your spring wardrobe this year?

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  1. Wow cool! I'm loving all of it especially the denim and the global trends.

  2. Oh, I love the denim bag and the earrings!!!

  3. the obi belt and the textile necklace are pretty cool!

  4. I cant wait for spring! here is MY ode to spring:


    that belt rocks! thanks for sharing!


  5. I love your blog...hope to someday get mine going, it is just so much to learn...


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