Journal Prompt - Plan or No Plan?

Do you create with a plan?

When starting a new project sometimes we may need to sketch out our ideas, create a list, and pull out the supplies, but today try creating without any planning or preparations.

Sit in front of your supplies and just start pulling stuff out. Don't worry if it goes together or not, just keep pulling until you have a nice pile of stuff you like to go through.

Start sorting. You could sort by color, style, shape, whatever works for you. Once you have things sorted, work with each pile putting together a new creation. No plan, just creating from within.

I know some of you work like this all the time, and if your one of them then do the opposite today and come up with and idea first, sketch it out, create a plan and then create a new piece.

When you are done, journal about your process. You may discover something new about yourself and the way you create.

When you create do you plan your project first or do you just sit and create? Share why your way is better.
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  1. i tend to plan out first, quite extensively at first biut as i get ibto it, i just let the creative muse take me away.

  2. Depends... many times I have an idea that I develop over time through sketches. Other times the material inspires me - so I think there is no good or bad way - just let inspirations find you.

  3. im rubbish at making plans as i tend to make them a bit too much and end up pretty stressed after a while. instead i write down short guidelines for things i intend to work on eventually then whenever i am able i may tackle things one at a time. i think it's a thing of feeling like when its sitting infront of you, you MUST do all of it, and with the unpredictable nature of my days that's something i can never bank on lol!

  4. Your right you could go either way. When I created sterling silver art jewelry I sketched out my ideas and planned out everything. Since I started working with hardware I let the materials guide me. If I had to choose I do prefer letting the material guide me. Thanks everyone for sharing.


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