Daily Tools

Everyday as artists we have a certain set of tools that we love and use all the time. Today I would love to here about the tools you use daily. The ones that inspire you to create your best work.

I work with a variety of tool and supplies:

My favorite had tools

Supplies I use everyday

Tools I don't use as often, but still important for creating

Another tool that I use everyday is my computer. I use it to run my business and be inspired.

What tools do you use daily?
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  1. Whoa, very neat! I use the same ones you're showing - albeit a little more messy. I've also gotten back into sewing, so add into the mix a sewing machine and all the stuff that goes along.

  2. Hi, I use Craftomania toolbar... :) and also more of sewing tools... my fav tool would definitely has to be- scissors! I love to cut papers and fabrics...

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  4. After the Transformation 2010 series in January, it's nice to see your space is still very neat and organized. Keep up the great work!

  5. Your work space looks so tidy! A tool I use is my camera. I have a love - hate relationship with it :)

  6. Jenni, Thanks for commenting on my work space. Pam from Open Space helped me clean and organize it. If you want to see the before and after pictures click on Pam Moore from the category's on the left. It was pretty scary.

    You are right the camera is a very important everyday tool, I'm with you I have a love - hate relationship with mine too.

    Thank everyone for sharing your everyday tools.

  7. I am always working on a variety of projects that reqiure many different types of tools but the one tool I use no matter what i am working on are my scissors. Couldn't live without them!

  8. Scissors are my main tool, like alot of other people. Whether it be in my sewing room, at the clothing boutique, or in my kitchen, I think I snip something just about every day! I do have an arsenal of different scissors, depending on the job.


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