15 Minutes

Do you ever go through your day and realize you got nothing done? I do!

Last year I wrote a few posts about time and time challenges, like How Much Time and Tracking Time. In each one I shared my challenges and ideas to use time wisely. I adapted several of those ideas into my schedule, and it made a difference.

What do you do when you have a big project and still have to do your other work as well? Here is another trick I read about recently - try doing a little everyday.

Incorporate your project into your schedule in 15 minutes blocks of time everyday. Your may find that when you start working, you will want to add more time and that's great, go for it. If not, at least you got in 15 minutes dedicated to your project. Commit to this and your project will be on track in no time.

This is what I plan to do for two big projects I need to get done in the next few months. I am going to start with 15 minutes and build up my time as I go.

Do you have any big projects you need to get going? Having trouble getting started? Add 15 minutes to your calendar starting today.

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  1. I am the world's worst at time management!!! I am absolutely horrible! Thank you for the idea, I sure will try it! =)


  2. Great advice! I sure need it :)

  3. Good advice. I find I spend more time on Etsy, blogs, twitter and facebook than I do actually working on my journals! I think timers are useful for limiting internet time.


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