Transformation 2010 - Functional Space

Designated areas

Starting the year off with a clean organized space allows for you to focus on your art, business or hobby, without the worry of uninspired space.

As you clean, take advantage of cleared space by considering how you can rearrange large work surfaces. For example, in Valerie's workshop she had two desks for making jewelry. One desk was under utilized which made it easier for me to convince her to eliminate it all together.

Freeing up floor space allows for greater flow and function. In Valerie's case, eliminating the extra desk, moving the existing photo station, and moving the computer desk created better flow throughout her workshop.

Newly designated areas for mailing, business duties, and sewing maximized the functionality of her space by making them all within arms reach.

Highly functional spaces start with clean surfaces, though keeping the surfaces clean is usually the problem. Using desk top organizers will help, but creating a habit of putting things away is even better.


1. - Look around your space and consider the level of usage for each piece. If you have under utilized furniture, let it go. Another persons junk is someone else's treasure.

2. - Consider your daily activities when designating the location of supplies or items you use regularly.

3. Use your support person by asking them to look at your space and help you decide where large items can be moved -another person can add a fresh perspective

What is your favoite desk organizer?
Post by Pam Moore - Open space
Pam Moore - An aspiring organizer attempting to conquer one space at a time. As a professional coordinator, she sees the big picture, then breaks it down into details, to achieve end results. She uses these skill in organizing spaces by assessing clients needs and collaboratively finding solutions for functional spaces. You won't need an organizer, you can look forward to tips and tricks through out the year to organize your own space.

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  1. This is inspiring. I really do need to revamp my own work space

  2. This is brilliant! The studio looks sooo much more inviting in the "after" photos.

  3. That's great! I am such an untidy person. I find it easier to clean it up as a one-time exercise but the challenging part is to maintain it..

    God Bless

  4. I wish I could impose this kind of order on my workroom. Even the "before" pictures are better than how I work now. I just can't seem to get ideas unless I have materials strewn all around me.

  5. Thanks everyone for sharing.

    I did not want to show the before shots, but Pam made me. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who like to work in a litte bit of chaos.

    It was a lot of work, but it is much nicer to have space to move around and be inspired.

  6. My workspace is a chaos ... This post makes me go and clean up heheh! Nice and useful article :)


  7. I feel ashamed, my workspace looks like a bomb went off! Maybe it's time to change that.

  8. Thanks for this! I need all the help I can get!


  9. Great Post! My studio and office both look like disaster zones so often. I did clean up my studio a couple of weeks ago - under the pressure of starting to teach a student art lessons. I got halfway through my office so while one of my desks is clean... the floor has all of my sorted piles...yet to have a home : ) Thanks for he inspiration!

  10. A huge change! My architect brother in law was listening to me complain about the mess in my girls room - he said simply "they've got too much flat space". He explained that most of us will fill flat space up. Reduce the flat space and use shelves with baskets etc. to reduce the clutter lying about!