7 Ways to Recharge your Creativity

Next time you need a little inspiration or you are having trouble staying focused, try one or two of these art experiences to recharge you creative battery.

Go to an art museum or gallery - take a note book, don't look at just what you think you should but what your mood draws you to see. Write down what emotions you are feeling, and ideas as they come to you.
Listen to music - sit down, relax, and listen to the music attentively. What feelings does the music inspire in you? How can you harness those feeling into a project you are working on?

Visit a craft store - check out supplies in your medium, as well as supplies in a medium you would like to try. Look at them with a fresh perspective, let the supplies inspire you.

Doodle - doodling is a great way to release your inner critic and let your hands draw free.

Explore you fantasies, daydreams, and visions - ideas can often arise from the bizarre images in you fantasies, daydreams, and visions. Take a few minutes and journal about you fantasises, and the ideas that come to you.

Play with toys - pull out some children's toys, or crayons, or play-doh, and take a few minutes to let your mind relax and be open to new ideas.

Take a drive - when you drive you can't do anything else, so use that time to let your mind wander discovering new ideas. Listen to your inner voice.

Try these activities over and over again. Do them alone or invite a friend to get their reactions and share their ideas.

What are your favorite thing to do to recharge your creative battery?

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  1. If gas weren't an issue, I'd drive *all of the time* for inspiration. I love it. You can combine #7 driving and #2 music too! :)

  2. I love to take a drive and listen to some music. :)

  3. The craft section of a bookstore or library always does the trick, but what I really love to do is walk down the isles of a hardware store…I have a feeling you do also.:-)

  4. One of my favorite things to do is look through magazines. Or get books from the library that are out of my medium. They oftentimes give me ideas that I can adapt to my area of expertise. Or I pull out a bunch of my old work to see where I could take the ideas now. And then sometimes I just take a nap!

  5. I love looking at books and magazines for inspiration. The library is a great place to start, especially books outside the craft you usually do. Especially good so you don't get stale.

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing!

    I totally agree books and magazines are great for inspiration, and I am a total bookaholic.

    Another great idea, if you keep sketchbooks look through your old books. You many think they are old ideas, but they may inspire new ideas.

    Jan's idea of taking a nap is inspired!

  7. great post! i think expressing one's creativity is a basic human need.


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