I am having one of those days, you know the kind, where you are sick of trying to get sales, you don't want to do a blog post, your sick of reading Twitter and Facebook, and all the other things you have to do to get noticed on the world wide web.

I know, I could just walk away and forget about it for a day or two, but I also know if I do that I will not have anyone look at my shop, or read my blog, which means no sales, and no money. With the holidays only a few weeks away, I am really feeling the pressure to keep up.

I am going to do my part today, at least for a couple of hours, and then I am going to walk away. Hopefully tomorrow my mood will change and things will be back on track.

Let's start a discussion - What do you do when you are feeling like all you do is work? How do you get inspired to market your business daily and still be creative? Share your stories.

I know motivation is key, and I could use some today, maybe you could too - Let's motivate each other!
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  1. Some of my best days (as far as making sales go) come when I am too busy to look at the computer!

    I have no idea why. Go to a movie! Then come home and check for sales- works every time!

  2. Angela, your right, I just need to walk away, so I am going to run some errands and hope for the best when I get back. Thanks for responding!

  3. Oh dear, poor you - be good to yourself. Go for a walk, visit a friend or do something drastic like cleaning your kitchen! Anything that takes you away from the computer so that you can rest your poor noodle.

    Then go read the most awesome blogs that will inspire you to be equally creative. :)

  4. Cleo, I think I am going to take your advise and read blogs for the rest of the day. Thanks for responding.

  5. I know what you mean--But that concept of just being busy and only checking in now and then works (sometimes) for me for snagging some sales. Right now, I'm back & forth between working at the bench and doing the good old "relisting" thing on Etsy. but you're right, the pressure right now, because of the holidays, is kinda' high! good luck!
    And if you want to check my blog, while you're in blog reading mode, here it is http://willoaksstudio.blogspot.com


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