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For the past few years my 16 year old daughter has created me a list of all the items she wants for Christmas. Now this is a special list to make sure we her get the right stuff. So today I thought I would share her idea, it's fun to do yourself or for the kids in your life.

→She starts with a blank piece of paper, it does not matter what color it is.
→Next she goes through the Sunday ads, but you can use magazines, or even a newspaper.
→She cuts out the the items she wants, what store they are from, and the price, so we know where to go and how much we will have to spend.
→She glues the cut out items to her blank piece of paper and she is done, a visual Christmas list.
→If you prefer you can also take a few minutes to add some colored paper, or stickers to make you list look nice, or just for fun.

Here is this years visual wish list

Think of how nice it would be to have a list of exactly what everyone wanted, no guessing, or trying to figure out if you are getting the right item. And think, you create a list of your own and you will get exactly what you want.

You can't go wrong with this project, and if nothing else the kids will have fun cutting up the paper and creating their lists.

Enjoy! This fun idea will make your holiday shopping a little easier.

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  1. I do that! I don't do it for just x-mas though, I do it year round. Whenever I have need I cut out pictures of what I want, even things like a peaceful house, and put it on my board. It helps to keep me focused.
    Daily Paint Journal

  2. i used to do exactly the same thing when i was a kid! :)

  3. Our daughter did the same thing last year...she's the same age too!! We managed to get her the wrong camera anyway...not sure how that happened!!


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