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I love to see items that are usually thrown away turned into something useful and beautiful. Today I am going to share items I found on Etsy made with old CDs and some fun projects you can do yourself.

Recycled Sunburst Clock by c2design

Want to use up your old CDs

○Place candles on them, and use them as a candle holder. Your candles won't drip on the table and the reflective surface picks up the candlelight for extra ambiance. Add those little rubber feet your can get a craft stores for height.

○Make a festive invitation. Write the information for your party on the shiny side and send it in a padded envelope.

○Add felt to the non shiny side and use it as a coaster.

○Create a cool sun catcher. Glue two CDs together (shiny sides out) and make a hole using a large needle. Hold the needle with a pliers and place over a flame until the needle is red hot and then place it on the CD until a hole is melted all the way though. Add some fishing line in different lengths and place in your window for cool sparkle added to your room. You can also drill through them.

○You can also use those plastic cases the CDs come in. Turn one or several into a picture frames. Cut the picture to the size of the case and close it up. Set it on a table or add the hooks you can buy at the craft store and hang them on the wall.

Do you have more ideas? Share them in the comment section.
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  1. I love these ideas; thanks, so much, for inspiring! I just noticed your blog button while typing this:) I'll be sure to add it to my blog---you can see it here: ocasiocasa.blogspot.com

  2. Great ideas, I had never heard of those lol, I had seen a cd clock tough, but no idea how to make one D:

  3. Amazing sun catcher! Maybe next time you can make wind spinners!

  4. I am making a lamp out of mine, stacked up with a light in the middle. Going to be great.


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