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Today is a quick tip to help you stay organized during the busy holiday season.

Write a To-Do-List everyday

The best way to do this, is at the end of your work day or before bed take 5 minutes and write down everything you have to do on the next day. Transfer over anything you did not complete that day, and add all the new things that need to get done.

Do you have goals set for the holiday season? Consider reviewing you goals and action steps once a week to make sure you are on track and to keep your momentum going. If not consider writing some goals for a successful season. Here are a few posts to help you create actions steps , ideas for setting goals, and staying with your goals.

You can do this in your sketchbook if you use it everyday or a planning calendar. I use a calendar so I can keep track of everything I need to do everyday, including what my daughter needs, and things I need to do at home. Try the ideas in this post for the best book to suit your needs.

Once you start creating your daily list it will easily become a habit. It is nice to know that you are achieving your goals and staying on top of everything.
Want to read more about To-Do-Lists

Do you make a daily list? Do you find it to be helpful with your business and everyday life?

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  1. Great blog! I don't make a to-do list, but I SOOO need to. Can MAKE a to-do list be the first item on my list?

  2. Accounting SPOT it's a great place to start :)

  3. Good idea to make the to-do list right before bed! In the morning I'm too foggy to think beyond coffee, let alone what I need to do to get moving for the day. But the night before? All I can think of are those little things that didn't get wrapped up.

    Great Tip! ^__^

  4. What a simple, yet useful tip. It really does make sense to make a to-do list... that way you feel like you've actually accomplished something every day.

    Thank you!


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