Artist to Know

Today's artist has created over 300 quilts, is the founders of The Art Quilt Network , and the leader of the modern quilt movement.

Her name is Nancy Crow

Nancy Crow produces quilts of stunning originality using deep saturated colors, often made with hand-dyed fabrics. She also designs fabrics for commercial use and for the other quilters.

Her patterns range from the geometric to more organic, colors from saturated and intense to subtly mottled effects. She also creates effects that are segments that appear to have been "drawn" on the fabric. The quilts are cut and machine-pieced by Crow and then either hand- or machine-quilted by assistants.

Here is a paragraph from her artist statement:

The purpose of my quilts is to make something beautiful for me but at the same time they are a means of expression representing my deepest feelings and my life experiences. In addition, my quilts are all about how I see color and color relationships; how I see shapes; and how I see line and linear movements. They are also about complexity, sadness, and hope.

Check out all her work and read her artist statement on her web site Nancy Crow.

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  1. wow!! these are very creative! love them!!

  2. Nancy's work in amazing - cool stuff!

  3. Very cool--I love how non-traditional they are and such gorgeous colors.


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