Photo's to Inspire - Metal

I love metal and this week while searching Flickr I found inspiring objects created with metal.

Metal Poles by tanakawho

rusty_metal_001 by Whiteblot

Surfing The Metal Wave by Anamae

A rusty-blue-metal-something by Warner Schnell (1.stream)

Sheet Metal by Senex Prime's Photostream

Leave me a comment on what inspires you, and I will share with everyone that you were the source of inspiration for the photo's in the post.
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  1. These photos are fabulous! Heavy Metal!

  2. What inspires me usually is blood gore and horror=]

    i like to scare people.

    i play with fears, and come out with some really cool things from those fears.

  3. Awesome post! I think that last one is of the EMP in Seattle! :)


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